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"The sword represents the freedom and passion of mortals across the realm. It was the first weapon man crafted to defend against monsters and demons alike. However, although the sword is man's greatest companion, it can also become the ending of the world. Our duty is to preserve the sacredness of the sword and vanquish those who would taint it's existence."
Monsieur de Inigo explaining the purpose to Cáo Dǎiyì.


The Order of the Sword is an ancient order of warriors dedicated to vanquishing catastrophic threats. Although the roots have been washed away by the currents of time, leaving only text written in forgotten languages, the Order of the Sword retained their purpose through centuries of storytelling and memory transference. The Order is a hierarchal society that is ruled by thirteen individuals who are classified as the strongest swordsmen presently active. These warriors then command a small force beneath them that act upon their will. The thirteen masters are chosen by previous masters who hear of their legacy.



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