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Monsieur de Inigo
Name Monsieur de Inigo
Titles Master of Agelessness
Race Human
Home Country Siciliana
Gender Male
Birthdate September 14
Age 198
Height 180.88cm (6')
Weight 77.111 (130 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Order of the Sword
Patron Charlemagne
Occupation Swordsman
Personal Status
Base of Operations Nomadic
Status Active
Class Swordsman
Magic Phantasmal
Equipment Rapier

Monsieur de Inigo is one of the thirteen greatest swordsmen presently active on the land of Alazar. Originally from the human filled country of Siciliana, Monsieur de Inigo earned his reputation after mastering the arts surrounding the usage of the Rapier. Whereupon he was inducted into the Order of the Sword and taught the ancient secrets of mortals..






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