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Kain Dragunov
Name Kain Dragunov
Titles Ghost Bullet
Race Human
Home Country Caelestia
Gender Male
Birthdate June 14
Age 21
Height 179cm
Weight 60kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Altosk Guild
Occupation Altosk Sniper
Personal Status
Base of Operations Caelestia
Status Active
Family Unnamed Parents
Class Fusilier
Equipment Obsidian Rifle
Silver Bullets

"Ghost Bullet" Kain Dragunov is a Human Fusilier of considerable skill currently affiliated with the Mercenary-based Altosk Guild in Caelestia, taking in a wide variety of contracts. However, his claim-to-fame lies within his assassination skills, taking lives of a wide variety of figures, ministers and otherwise. Despite his young age, Kain's immoral stance upon taking these contracts are seemingly to maintain the national dichotomy of the religious and atheist populations in the country, thereby keeping it from overflowing into explosive civil conflict.

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